Giant Sweetarts

I’ve mentioned here before (and on the Read our Story page and actually to anyone who will listen) my longing for Candy Raisins, discontinued since 2008 and actually the catalyst for Hometown Favorites.  Like a child waiting for Santa, I am still awaiting their return, but in the meantime, there’s another candy that’s lodged its way into my brain - Giant Sweetarts.

There are memories all over the internet about the 3” hard discs of sour/tangy sweetness, a sugar overload that’s not been duplicated in recent memory.  It would literally take days to consume this bar soap size concoction, which I think back then sold for maybe three for a dollar?  I tried to obtain a picture of one of these, because you really can’t image kids walking around with one of these giant bars, but I can’t find one!  No old ads, no faded snapshots of groups of girls chewing on these, no empty wrappers to be found.  

I think this was a girl candy, dainty pastel colors, each disc in its own cello package.  You could wrap it up each night and have at it again the next day.  After several days of afternoon Sweetart exposure, your mouth was literally raw and needed a vacation - perfect time to switch it up with some soft Candy Raisins. 

I must have consumed Giant Sweetarts in pre-boy days; I can’t imagine chomping on one of these and flirting with the neighborhood rabble rousers at the same time.   And maybe that’s why they were discontinued.  As addicting as they were, a candy that you can’t share with your buddies is kind of doomed. 

Sweetarts of course are still available, nowadays in a Chewy, smaller version, easily edible and just as tangy/sweet as I remember.  Yet not the same.  So if any of you have pictures or an old wrapper from the Giant 3” Sweetart, can you share with the rest of us?  I want to see if my teeth ache just looking at it!

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