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We love Archway cookies!  As a kid I remember them being a gourmet cookie, more expensive than the generic store brand my mother threw in the cart.  As an adult I bought them regularly, particularly in love with the Windmill cookies.  I don’t make it down the cookie aisle much anymore, but when I do, the Windmill’s always required a bit of a search.

As recently requested here, Archway Raspberry Filled Cookies are alive and well.  Accordingly to Archway, they are in production year ‘round, albeit not at your local store.  This is often the case and really the bulk of what Hometown Favorites is all about. 

You may want to check with your local grocer first and ask if they will order specifically for you.  From personal experience, the answer is always yes, and then it NEVER happens.  I’ve waited and waited in vain to be called when my special request item arrives or to perhaps stumble upon it on my next visit, but it’s never there.  Perhaps you’ll have better luck!

In the meantime, we are working on adding this and several other Archway “hard to find cookies to our website (including my favorite Windmills!).  For those of you who are having difficulties of your own, please drop us a line at (  We’ll be happy to incorporate your requests into real, live product!

One of the great things about Archway is that they also offer a number of other brands we’ve had requests on.  Lance is one of them, but more excitedly, Salerno Cookies are produced by Archway.  Salerno is a Chicago favorite, not widely available outside the midwest.  Butter Cookies are high on our list, but word on the street says there are several other Salerno favorites we would love to stock.  We’ll keep you posted on our progress.

We appreciate your request and should have the “no e-mail link” problem resolved shortly.  Keep in touch!

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